Interview part1
In a message dated 2/28/02
Q: Dj ASHBA is real name??
Q: Was there any nickname as a child?
A: Deej
Q: What is the song memorized for the first time?
A: Van Halen
Q: Did you memorize any Japanese (language...)?
A: about 30 words
Q: What is it that you were surprised to come to Japan?
A: I love the culture in Japan, I love the fans so much:)
Q: Please let me know your birth date.
( November 10,19??)

A: yes:)
Q: Are you single or married?
A: im single
Q: How many guitars do you have?
A: around 30
Q: What guitarist do you want to become?
A: the best that I can become, i will always push to be my best, i will always give 200% to the fans
Q: Does the Internet go into your hobby?:)
A: yes
Q: Do you like clothes of GAP and star mark?:)
A: I like anything that looks good:)
Interview part2-short
In a message dated 4/05/02
Q: What's must-have and/or must-do when you perform live?
Put on the best show i can:)
Q: What do you smoke? (favorite cigarettes brand)
A:True (True Blue King Box or King Size)
Q: Do you wear perfume and what brand?
A: Acoua Di Gio / Georgio Armoni
Q: This may be a rude question, but how old are you?:)
A: I dont believe in age
Q: What you want to do if you come to Japan again?
A: Play huge concerts and party with all the fans:)

Thank you for answer to questions:)
We'll keep giving love and support to Dj...

Love Kyasamaru:)

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